Jan 2021 Newsletter

     January 2021 Newsletter 


2020 is in the rearview mirror and 2021 is well underway.  As Karen Better Carlin said in her New Years Day letter, "2020, it was a year like no other".  There are still challenges ahead, yet, optimism is in the air and we hope to see everyone in September.  

In this Newsletter, you will find the answer to the Christmas Song Poll, a great classmate article about Julie Bergman, November LHS Classmate Profile Trivia results, Registration Drive and an update on our LHS Donation Drive.

Christmas Song Poll

During the Holidays, you may have noticed a Poll on our Welcome Page about favorite Christmas Songs.  According to Spotify, Maria Carey's "All I Want for Christmas Is You" is the most popular Christmas song of all time. That song received 25% of the votes and Andy William's "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" received 33%.  I guess we have to study up on our Christmas Songs.

It took a Pandemic - Julie Bergman

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LHS classmate Julie Bergman has spent over 30 years working as a Private Investigator, yet, it took a pandemic for her to finally find the time to write a novel about a fictional detective. GRIEVING GROUND has just been published and available as a paperback and e-book on Amazon and shortly as an ibook as well. A link to Amazon and Grieving Ground is provided below;

Grieving Ground: A Mystery (9780964445833 ... - Amazon.comwww.amazon.com › Grieving-Ground-Mystery-Julie-B...

Rumor has it one of our classmates has already purchased the Kindle version of Julie's novel.

A little background - Julie began her career as a licensed detective in 1987 and now works as a Private Investigator licensed in California and Massachusetts, while also pursuing her musical endeavors and writing.

As an Investigator, she specializes in environmental pollution investigations, identifying and locating witnesses and missing persons, finding and analyzing historical and regulatory documents, civil litigation support, and uncovering background information associated with individuals and companies.

Aside from GRIEVING GROUND, Julie is also written two poetry books, "Los Angeles Fires of the Heart," and "The Finder, Poems of a Private Investigator".  She is also a photographer and has published over 700 articles in national trade publications.

If investigating, writing and photography wasn't enough to keep her busy, she is also an accomplished musician.  In addition to doing solo acoustic guitar performances, Julie performs with Alchemy, a classic rock cover band, and Weather the Storm, a piano/guitar duo.  Undercover Guitar, an album by Julie Bergman and Nancy Wilson (of the musical sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart Heart Official Websitewww.heart-music.com), is available on major music streaming services.

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We would encourage you to visit Julie's website  www.juliebergman.com where you will find a lot more interesting information.  The accomplishments and interests of our fellow classmates is amazing!

LHS Classmate Profile Trivia Results

The November Classmate Profile Trivia game proved to be a little more difficult than others.  No one got all 6 questions correct.  Andrea Bosco Bingham had 5 of 6 correct and Kris Fletcher and John Grady had 4 of 6 correct.

The correct answers are published on the Website under LHS Classmate Trivia Results.

Website Registration Drive Update

Thanks to the leadership and dedication of Bob Sparkes as well as help from others, we have increased our classmate Website registration from 110 to 124 over the last two months.  In fact, last week we experienced our highest day of Website participation (44 classmates) since the Website was launched just over a year ago.

Class Gift Donation Update

The Reunion Committee has been in communication with the LHS Unified Arts Department regarding a our plan to provide a Class "Gift" to that department. Please be on the lookout for this communication in early February.  For all of you that have made a donation, we thank you and for those who may be considering, the February communication will provide more specifics.

Don't Forget to Share your "Remember When" Memories

Log into the Website, locate MEMBER FUNCTIONS and click on Post Announcement. Providing a Short Name is optional.  There is no need to select an Expiration Date. In the text box enter your name first, then followed by your memory.  Click SAVE CHANGES at the bottom of the page and Submit New Announcement and you are done, we will do the rest. Your reflections or memories will be posted on the bottom of the WELCOME PAGE as they are received.  


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