October Newsletter

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End of October already - hard to believe!  If you have not been on the Reunion Website recently, do so. We have updated the Welcome Page. It was time for the buses to head out and Welcome in our new dates in 2021.  In this Newsletter, you will find new Trivia questions, Hotel reservation update, a great classmate article and some other updates and ideas.  


A new Trivia game is now available on the Website under LHS & 1970 Trivia.  

Hotel Update

The rescheduling of our 50+1 Reunion to Sept 17 & 18, 2021 and the Saturday venue change to the Four Points by Sheraton Wakefield Boston Hotel & Conference Center, provides us with a central location for those wishing to stay in a hotel for both Friday and Saturday night.  We are encouraging classmates to make a reservation using the link below or by calling Marriott Reservations directly at 781-245-9300 and asking for Lynnfield High School Class of 1970 Reunion Group.

Four Points by Sheraton Wakefield Boston Hotel & Conference Center

Traditional Queen Double Room or Traditional King Room Rate is $139.00 per night plus tax.  Rate includes breakfast.  All reservations must be guaranteed with a major credit card. 

The Silver "Streak" - 1,800 Consecutive Days of Running!

Alan Foulds, classmate and Reunion Committee member, shares an inspiring story of how he took up running and has transformed that passion into a very special "Streak".  

Alan Foulds

I have been running regularly now for more than 30 years, first hitting the pavement on Oct. 5, 1989. I looked at it as a way to relieve stress and to stay in shape. (or, more accurately, to get back into shape). At first my new-found hobby consisted of nothing more than running around Lake Quannapowitt a few times a week. Eventually, an old college buddy filled out my first race application for me without my knowledge. When I found out I figured, what the heck, and I ran it – the oddly-named Bonnell Bunny Hop Five-Miler, and I was hooked. I sought out other races and have done at least one a month since 1990. The list includes seven marathons, 22 half marathons, and roughly a thousand more of varying lengths.

In the last few years, I’ve become much less competitive as it appears all the other runners are getting faster and younger. So, to keep it interesting, I’ve started competing with myself, creating all sorts of self-imposed challenges. For instance, this past spring, as Covid-19 lockdowns gave me more free time, I ran all the streets of the town of Reading (following in my wife’s footsteps). With that completed, and our reunion heating up, I did the same thing in Lynnfield. Since then I’ve also run on all the roads in Wakefield.

My most interesting challenge, however, has been my "Streak". As of this writing I have run at least one mile (but averaging 3.4 miles) every single day since Nov. 8, 2015. That’s more than 1,800 consecutive days. The funny thing is that I didn’t plan on this becoming such a “thing.” Back then I looked through my records (I keep meticulous running records) and found that the most running days that I had strung together was 32, so I thought an easy goal was to hit 33 days. With that accomplished, I figured, it’s only 17 more to a nice round 50, so I kept going. Then I was off to Chicago on a business trip for a week. Since I was working most of the day, if I wanted to see anything of the city, I had to do it very early. Every day before dawn I laced up the running shoes and explored the town – everything from Wrigley Field to Comiskey Park (or whatever they call it now). By the time I got home I was close enough to 100 to stretch the streak a little longer. Before I realized it, I was on my way to 200, 300, and beyond. There always seemed to be a new milestone not too far ahead. When I got to 1,000 my running club decided to celebrate with me and they joined me for a 4-mile jaunt.

The next goal is to reach the 5-year mark. There is a group called Streak Runners International (it was formerly called Streakers International, but they wisely renamed it). For the first five years on the list you are referred to as a “Neophyte.” Then you become “Proficient.” Seems like a good enough reason to plow ahead.   

Who knows how long I’ll keep doing it, but for now it’s kind of fun getting out there every day, beating back the blizzards and heat waves, ignoring aches and pains, and figuring out the logistics of keeping it going despite what life throws at me?  

The next big goal on the Streak Runners’ List is 50 years. That would make me 113. At that time, though, it might be time to take up something a little less taxing.

Classmate Website Registration Drive

We have 107 classmates registered on the Reunion Website.  We also have 28 classmates with an email address, who have yet to register and 52 classmates with no contact information.  Given the 50th Reunion reschedule to Sept. 17 & 18, 2021, we hope the extra time will encourage more classmate registrations.  Bob Sparkes, from the Reunion Steering Committee, will be heading up a team to help encourage more registrations. You can Help - on the Website under "Classmates w/o Contact Info" the names of the 52 classmates is available.  If you know of or have any contact information (email, phone# or address) please send to Bob Sparkes (rsparkes@verizon.net)

Holiday Photo Submissions

As a follow up to our Summer 2020 photos, we are asking classmates to submit Holiday Season photos (Thanksgiving - New Years) for publication on the Website.  Many classmates commented on the fun Summer photos and captions and hopefully we can have an even better response for the Holidays.  Please submit a photo(s), including a brief caption of your Holiday experiences and email to:

Mark Sisson (Mark.Sisson@comcast.net)

We will begin posting photos as they come in.

Stay Safe!

The LHS 50+1 Reunion Steering Committee