Bob Sparkes' Memories


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As I said in my letter to the Gary Millen Foundation many years ago, Gary was the young man, who mothers wanted their daughters to date and their sons to emulate.  He was wise beyond his years - not only in the classroom but in everything he did.

I recall Gary from the Lynnfield High School football team.  His physical and mental toughness was second to none.  At practice, he was always first in line for drills and was the guy, whom we followed and tried to be.  Bill Rodan always said, “that there were four coaches on the field;  Bill Rodan, Harry Jameson, Fred Huntress and Gary Millen.  Gary not only knew what to do in his position, he knew what everyone on the field was suppose to do!  It was as if he had written the playbook!

On a personal note, Gary was always a true friend and never forgot where he came from.  Upon my mother’s passing, he wrote a wonderful note crediting her for helping him get into Colby College.  As we all know, Gary would have gotten into Colby anyway.  But this was the kind of person Gary was!

As an adult, Gary was an outstanding Social Studies Teacher at Kennett High School in North Conway, New Hampshire.  He further assisted the students at the school by being a football coach, Social Studies Department Chair and Athletic Director!  If you ever visit North Conway, New Hampshire, please visit the Gary Millen Sports Complex.  It is a wonderful tribute to all that Gary did for the community.


Bob Sparkes