Bill Tufts' Memories


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I remember Gary as a true gentleman, who had strong beliefs and conducted himself accordingly, never compromising his values.

He was born to be a teacher and a coach. A natural leader with a true passion for competition and the preparation and adjustments it entailed.  He knew how to win and absolutely hated to lose, though when he did, he was always the first one to get up, dust off, and get back into the fray, be it athletic or otherwise.

He was blessed to have wonderful Lynnfield High School mentors along the way (though not limited to):

  • Bob Kautz
  • Bob MacCleod
  • Harry Jameson
  • Jeff Cicia
  • Bob Lesser
  • Bill Rodan
  • Fred Huntress (from whom the nickname “Buckets” came).

His life was truly a victory of substance over style, of action over complacency, and of courage and commitment.  The world could certainly use a lot more like him, particularly now.

He is missed.