May 2022 Newsletter


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As of May 30th, 22 days remain to the kick off for our Reunion event registration - June 20th through September 9th.  Only 109 days remain to our Reunion events on Friday, September 16th and Saturday, September 17th.

In this Newsletter, we will focus on some upcoming activities and reminders;

Reunion Attendance Survey

May 22nd - June 12th: Website Announcement sent to all Website registered classmates seeking initial feedback on Reunion Event attendance.  This Announcement will appear on our Welcome Page and also be located on our Website side bar.  Please take a few minutes to respond.  This is not intended to be a commitment for those responding, but rather, a tool for the Reunion Committee to help coordinate Reunion logistics.  

Reunion Event Registration

June 20 - September 9th:  Website on-line registration begins.  Many of you registered for these events when we initiated registration in June 2021.  For those who did register, there is no need to register again. The exception, classmates who requested and received fee refunds last year will need to register and pay on line again.  We will do our best to keep everyone informed as to "Who Is Coming" once registrations are underway.

Great News

As of today, we plan to keep our event fees the same as last year:

Trip Down Memory Lane/LHS Bus Tour:     $10.00 per person payable upon getting on the bus
FrIday Night Meet & Greet:                       $35.00 per person payable via the website
Saturday Night Main Event:                      $70.00 per person payable via the website
It was no small task to maintain the same prices as last year.  Special thanks to Joy Rossborough Doyle on the venue negotiations and to all of you who have made Donations.  As you may recall, 80% of Donations went to pay for the new Light Board at LHS, the remaining 20% has been used to extend the website operations, provide complimentary event tickets for special invited guests and lastly, cover any unplanned or incidental expenses.  Again, thank you to all who have Donated and if you would like to Donate, just refer to the Class Donation Process tab on the Website.

What & Where in Lynnfield

On Monday, May 30th, you received a website Announcement to see if you might remember some photos of Lynnfield landmarks.  This Announcement will appear on the Website Welcome Page (you may need to scroll down to see it).  Our roving photographer - Alan Foulds (what doesn't Alan do?) has captured photos of various Lynnfield landmarks.  Many of you may recognize these landmarks and impress other classmates with your memory.  Alan has provided many photos and we will test your memory again as we move towards September.  As we embrace our 70's, guessing some of us may recall things from 50+ years ago, yet, may have trouble remembering what we had for dinner last night!  

Please Update Your Website Profiles

A recent posting from classmate Dave Lowry ("you're not in Kansas anymore") is a good reminder to update your address and photos on your Profile page.  We have heard of several classmates who have changed locations since the inception of this Website.  Also, as communicated previously, a current photo on your profile will help classmates recognize the older and wiser version of our senior class photo.

Stay healthy and get ready for September.

The LHS 50+2 Reunion Committee