Mark Sisson's Memories


Leader, competitor, thoughtful and determined capture some of Gary's, rather "Buckets", qualities.  These characteristics followed him to Colby College and then to Kennett High School in North Conway NH.  He was probably one of the few 1970 grads who knew exactly what he wanted to do with his life.  In the yearbook senior directory, his stated ambition; "to be back in high school someday, teaching and coaching".  He did just that!

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As with many of us, distance and time often results in not staying in touch.  However, my parents, who resided in New Hampshire, would send news articles about my fellow LHS grads and baseball teammates, Gary Millen and Governor John Lynch, both of whom made a lasting impact in the state of New Hampshire.  The news of Gary's passing was quite a shock.

Gary grew up one street away, yet, it took LHS to connect us as friends and teammates with baseball as the common denominator.  As seniors with Gary as one of our Co-Captains, we had a successful season, winning the Dual County League championship before loosing in an early round of the State Tournament.  In April of 2002, 32 years later, Coach Harry Jameson wrote an article for the Peabody & Lynnfield Weekly News recalling the 1970 season.  Coach talks about the players and ends the article telling the following story. "The worst scenario that season occurred after the last tournament game.  It was bad enough losing to Ashland, after splitting with them during the regular season.  But the bus broke down on Route 9 on the way home. The seniors had their banquet that night and Millen was supposed to deliver a speech, as president of the class.  Gary gave his speech on the broken down bus on Route 9 as we awaited another bus.  The boys ended up missing the banquet".  Always a leader, in good times and bad!

I had the good fortune to continue playing baseball with Gary after graduation.  Along with PJ McFarland, we were asked to join an American Legion team in Lynn.  Gary quickly became a leader on that team composed of players from surrounding towns whom we had never met.  Always a leader regardless of where he was.

Gary was also a pretty good Street Hockey player.  Many winter weekends during high school and beyond were spent at Our Lady of Assumption Church or the LHS parking lot.  A wide variety of skills exsisted, often led by real hockey players, Sparkes, Hurley and McFarland.  We had a name for our group.  Unfortunately, in todays politically correct world, it was totally inappropriate, possibly the only questionable thing Gary was ever associated with.  It was always reassuring to know Gary actually hung out with us!                                                              


Gary's legacy is well entrenched and I feel fortunate to have known him.

Mark Sisson