Class Gift & Donation Drive

  Feb 2021 Newsletter - Class Gift & Donation Drive  


This month's Newsletter focuses on the need and importance of a Class Donation.

Why We Need Donations

It has become tradition for Class'es celebrating their 50th Year Reunions to present a "Class Gift" to LHS.  It is but one small gesture of appreciation for the memories and education provided to us.   Aside from the Class Gift, a portion of the donations will help offset costs associated with creating and maintaining our Reunion website.  The Reunion reschedule created additional costs to maintain the website through 2021.  Several classmates have expressed an interest in extending Reunion event invitations to several retired teachers, coaches and spouses.  The Reunion Steering Committee has budgeted donations to be allocated 80% to the Class Gift and 20% for Operating Expense including special guest invitations.  Unused operating expense will be allocated back to the Class Gift.  

Class Gift Goal - New Technology Light Board

Bob Cleary, the LHS Principal, had recommended the Class of 1970 Class Gift be used to fund much-needed equipment in the Fine Arts (music, theater) Department.  Andrea Bosco Bingham and Joy Rossborough Doyle, members of the Steering Committee, have met with Doug Hodgkins, Director of Choral Activities and Harry Wagg, the Band Director and learned the auditorium would benefit greatly from a new Light Board and the upgraded technology it provides.  A previous request to replace the outdated Light Board technology was postponed as resources were necessary to provide remote learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

                     Current Light Board                     New Light Board

                   Click for preview                 Click for preview                                                                         

The photo of the current Light Board with the LHS auditorium in the background will surely stir up some memories from a long time ago.

Easy To Donate - Takes Only a Few Minutes

Between the Class Gift and operating costs, we ask each of you to consider making a Donation.  For those who already have, a "Big Thank You" from the Steering Committee.  For those considering a Donation, keep in mind the following;

  • Any amount is appreciated.
  • Donate directly through website via credit card or by personal check to Karen Better Carlin.  See the Class Donation Process page on the website for details. 
  • Donations are anonymous

With your help, we would like to achieve 100% classmate participation to raise the funds to purchase the new Light Board technology which will benefit the Fine Arts Department and the entire school.  The students and LHS will be deeply appreciative for your generosity for years to come.

Thought You Might Like to Know

The LHS Fine Arts Department is well known, respected and recognized among its peers. We thought you might like to hear more about the success it has achieved.

The Music Department and several students have had some wonderful success stories and we would like to share one of them with you in the link below;

Three singers crowned Lynnfield Idol - Local Headline News

This article is from the May 22nd, 2019 issue of the Lynnfield Villager.  Obviously, this occurred pre-Covid. One of the student performers mentioned is Giuliana Guaracino.  Andrea Bosco Bingham was able to interview and provide some comments from Giuliana.  She is in the Honors music class, known as the Chamber Singers, and is also in the A cappella group called Sweet Treble.  Giuliana provided the following;

"We are currently facing the challenge of not being able to perform or sing in class. Covid has made this year very different, yet I feel as if the teachers in the music department are doing a great job improvising. For example, we are now sending in videos of us singing our parts and they are putting together a virtual video performance. These videos have brought back a little bit of happiness.  There is also a performance that is hosted once a month called Coffee House, and the teachers have done a very good job accommodating our safety but also allowing us to be able to perform". 

LHS, student performers and the Reunion Steering Committee thank for your support.

The LHS 50+1 Reunion Steering Committee