July 2021 Newsletter


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Reunion Registration - Look Who Is Coming

On June 14th, we began Website registration for our September 17th & 18th Reunion events. Registration will close on September 10th.  Early registrations are encouraging and we thought you might want to know classmates who have signed up as of July 26th;

Classmate *                                 

Andrea Bosco Bingham + guest     
Beth Allison Osborne            
Kate Power Benedetto                             
Anne Pierce Bruening                              
June Buttrick Krippner                            
Karen Better Carlin                                
Kitsie Eckert Claxton                                
Joy Rossborough Doyle                          
Janet Silva Grady                                    
Dean Gulezian + guest                             
Kristine Fletcher + guest                          
Alan Foulds + guest                                
Martha Langill                                          
Don Moreton                                           
Geryl Hamson Heuter                                
June Buttrick Krippner                              
Merrill Lindquist                                                                                     
Trisha McDonald Riggi                               
Sue Perkins Mara                                       
Robert Preble                                           
Robert Sparkes + guest                              
John Schofield + guest                             
Robert Schwarz                                                                                         
Janet Silva Grady                                       
Mark Sisson + guest                                  
Geoffrey Stiff + guest                                
Steven Silverstein   
Jack Sullivan + guest    
Linda Tibaudo DiBenedetto                                                                               
Priscilla Welch                                                                  
Donna Zaremba + guest   
Jim Zynsky                                                                     

* The majority of these classmates will be attending both Friday and Saturday Events.  As of today, 21 classmates will be joining the Bus Tour.  We are planning on inviting several teacher/coaches to our events.  We will keep everyone apprised as to their attendance.

On the Website homepage, you can click on Classmate Profiles and check the circle adjacent to Attending LHS Tour/Meet & Greet and Attending Saturday Dinner & Dancing.  This will provide attending classmate names as well.  Also, if you have not registered on the Website, now is a good time to do so.  All of the Event information including the Registration process is provided on the site.  The Website link is provided below;


Donation Update

Great news - we are tracking ahead of our $9,000 Donation goal.  LHS and the Reunion Committee thank you for your generosity.  It is not too late to make a Donation and exceeding our goals provides some "insurance" as we move into the Class Gift and Reunion expenses.  In today's economic environment, rising prices and "surprise" expenses are always a concern.  

Also, we have had some classmate comments about keeping the Website going beyond our Reunion events.  Additional Donations would enable us to do that.

Covid Update - Massachusetts

As of May 29, all restrictions in Massachusetts have been lifted, with the following exceptions:

Masks are still mandatory for all individuals on public and private transportation systems (including rideshares, livery, taxi, ferries, MBTA, Commuter Rail and transportation stations), in healthcare facilities and in other settings hosting vulnerable populations, such as congregate care settings. Individual businesses may also mandate the use of masks. It is possible that these final restrictions will be removed by September.

The state’s color-coded rating system now has most communities listed as “gray” meaning that there are fewer than ten total cases. Seventy-nine are listed as “green” which means Fewer than 10 average daily cases per 100,000 in population and more than 10 total cases. Four (Lawrence, Brockton, Edgartown, and Fall River) are coded as “yellow”, meaning 10 or more average daily cases per 100,000 in population OR a positive test rate of 5% or higher

There are no longer any cities or towns listed as “red.”

Golf Anyone?

For those staying at The Four Points by Sheraton there is a course near by. The King Rail Golf Club is a 9 hole course that resides on the site of the old Colonial Golf Club. You might want to check with the Sheraton as they may have additional details.  The course is also near the MarketStreet shops.  A link is provided below;

Lynnfield Golf: Homehttp://www.lynnfieldgolf.com

Updated Current Photos

If you have not done so already, we are encouraging everyone on the Website to add a current photo to your profile.  Safe to say, most of us do not look like our Senior photos.

Key Dates

Now - September 10th:  Reunion Event Registration available on the website
Now - September 10th:  Submit Donations for Class Gift & Website operating expense
Now - August 30th:  Book rooms at the Four Points by Sheraton.  Refer to Hotel Blocks website page for details.  Strongly encourage everyone to make reservations early.  Note: King Size rooms may no longer be available.
Friday Sept 10th:  last day to request an event fee refund
Friday, Sept 17th:  LHS/Trip Down Memory Lane Tour, Meet & Greet at Four Points by Sheraton
Sat., Sept 18th:  The Four Points by Sheraton Dinner & Dancing

Our 50+1 Reunion is now officially beyond the two year mark in planning.  Yes, Covid played a role in extending that time, however, it has allowed us to find more classmates and expand and enhance our activities. 

It will be a fun and memorable time.  See you in September.

The LHS 50+1 Reunion Committee