March 2022 Newsletter


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Thankfully, March is coming to a close and spring weather is just around the corner.  Our 50+2 Reunion is less than six months away and we remain optimistic this event will happen!  Feedback from classmates indicates we will have a super turnout.  

In this Newsletter, you will find a summary of key dates leading up to and including our Reunion, a recap of our High School jobs survey and some random thoughts.

Key Dates to Remember

Activity                                                            Date(s)                               Comments
Update "How Do We Look Now" photos           Now - Sept 9                  Website classmate Profile page
Sheraton Four Points reservations                  Now - Aug 26                 Website Hotel Information page
Donations still welcomed                               Now - Sept 9                  Website Class Donation page
Event Registration* begins                           June 20 - Sept 9              Available on Website June 19
LHS 50+2 Reunion                                       Sept 16 & 17                   Sheraton Four Points

Friday, Sept. 16 LHS Tour, Friday evening Meet & Great & Saturday, Sept 17 Main Event

Do You Remember Your High School Jobs?

A website Announcement on February 27th through March 27th requested memories regarding High School era jobs.  Listed below are both the questions and responses from some of our classmates.  We think you will find these to be both informative and entertaining.

1) Do you have a memorable High School era job?  If so, list your place of employment and what you did.
2) What memories, good or bad, to you recall from that job?
John Schofield
1) Towne Lyne House. Started as dishwasher. Ended up cooking and baking.
2) I learned alot at that job and ended up in food service business the rest of my working life.
John Lynch
1)  Friendly Ice Cream, Saugus, Shift Supervisor, made sundaes, worked the grille, waited on tables, and ran the dishwasher! Great preparation for being Governor of NH!
2)  Best memory: that’s where I met my wife Susan. For so many years, we were just good friends. Then we went to a friend’s wedding, who also met at Friendly’s. At the reception, I caught the garter; Susan caught the bouquet. Then we started dating, and got married two years later!
Debra Tullgren (Taylor)
1) I worked for the Rodhams at the Pioneer Shoppe in Lynnfield Center. I stocked/restocked cards and helped with displays.
2) I truly enjoyed this job as it was my first "real" employment (other times babysitting). The Rodhams were very nice people to work for. I learned about good customer service, and working along side George Lepke was fun too. He always had a greeting and a smile for all!
Alan Foulds
1) My first job was washing dishes at The Ship restaurant. It lasted only a few weeks. Next up was delivering the Wakefield Item to the news carriers and stores all over Lynnfield, after school five days a week.
2) The first job convinced me not to get into the food service industry (a vow I kept until my wife opened a coffee shop 23 years after that experience). The second job brought me to every nook and cranny of Lynnfield, as I drove 27 miles around town every day. Although my first "experiences in the world of printed media" had nothing to do with it, I spent the last 18 years of my career as a magazine editor. Full circle (except for the dishwashing part).
Martha Langill
1) I was a camp counselor for a few years, doing all the typical camp things—supervision of kids, teaching swimming, etc. my first year I was at the Wakefield YMCA at Kiddie Kamp. Then I was at Camp Wakanda (also run by the Y.)
2) I was a great way to spend the summer although the first year I was bit by a four year while in the pool with him at the Y. Not fun. The summer before senior year, another counselor and I tried SunIn (a new product at the time.) By the end of the summer, in time for senior pictures at Purdy’s, my hair was very blond. That stuff really worked, much to my mother’s dismay who didn’t notice the gradual change until it was too late.
Patti Nugent (Hulse)
1) I worked in the gift shop of the Colonial Restaurant a couple of days after school and on some weekends. I unpacked and displayed the gifts, rang up and gift wrapped the sales, and dusted a lot of glass shelves!
2) Without a doubt, my most memorable day at the gift shop was working the day the Bruins celebrated their 1970 Stanley Cup win at the Colonial. Some of the wives and girlfriends of the players and staff browsed through the shop but, unfortunately, none of the players did. I was able to greet the team as they passed through the lobby, though, and I found an excuse to go into the dining room during their party to check it out. My boss had warned me, though, not to ask for autographs or to take pictures. I'll never forget the day!
John Grady
1) After A couple of years of caddying at Thomson Club and Salem CC and cutting lawns in the neighborhood my first real job was at Sagamore Golf course. I worked there for four summers into college. I worked on the greens crew cutting greens, raking traps, and general course maintenance.
2)  All good memories. I worked with friends like Karl Zimmerman for all four years and Dave Cody. One summer my brother Pete worked there and two kids from his class, Dave Butcher and Bruce McGlaughlin. We were all also on the golf team so it was fun all working together and we got free golf too!
Mayhew Seavey
1)  My first job was pumping gas at Renda's on Main Street. That didn't last very long, and I washed dishes and bussed tables at the Ship and finally at the Colonial.
2) The best part of working at the Colonial was getting to wait on tables at the pool during the summer. We got to use the pool before and after hours. I worked my way through college in restaurants, it gave me financial independence and a lot of good friends.
Doug Cronin
1)  Port gas station rte1 and NewEngland Oyster House dishwasher.
2) Dana Musica washing pots, Steve Milo busboy, Joe Distefano for awhile. I remember the bartenders playing poker betting the serial numbers on dollar bills.
John McMahon
1) As my mother worked for the Lynnfield Water District, I often got to dig out fire hydrants on neighborhood streets during big snow storms starting in 1967. Otherwise, I shoveled neighborhood driveways in the winter and mowed neighborhood lawns in the summer.
2) Despite the cold, digging out fire hydrants was hot, sweaty work, esp. if there was a layer of encrusted ice atop the layer of snow. As soon as one hydrant was clear, I would head to the next one. Overall, it was miserable work: frozen hands inside of wet woolen mittens, the sweat inside your clothing would turn cold after awhile, hydrants would be hard-to-find, etc.
Mark Sisson
1)  There were several High School era jobs (painting houses, cutting grass & teaching swimming), yet, the one I recall the most was being a Bus Boy at the Towne Lyne House my junior year.
2)  Bused tables Friday night and during the day on Sunday. Tough job, hard work and the activities behind the scenes convinced me the restaurant business was not something I aspired to. The irony however, my professional career was in the Packaged Food industry.
Chris Bean
1)  I also worked a couple summers at the Center Water District laying copper tube services to new homes, reading meters and shoveling hydrants. I also painted houses etc. including the auditorium at the Boston Conservatory of Music. (Homeless in the area enjoyed some of my Mom's great LIVERWORST sandwiches.......)
2)  At the Water District, one time I got to take the truck by myself and read Rico Petrocelli's (one of my heroes #6!) water meter in his basement. I was mortified when he came to the door out of uniform no less, wearing a T shirt and smoking a butt! I wanted to be cool but I ended up treating him just like everyone else!
These are certainly some fun and interesting memories.  Chris Bean's Rico Petrocelli is a classic!

Random Thoughts

We are looking into some possible Saturday daytime activites - "old timers" volleyball, trail walk, golf to name a few. We will keep you posted via the website and future Newsletters.

Don't forget to mark the key dates mentioned above on your calendars.  We look forward to seeing everyone in September.

Stay Healthy,

The LHS 50+2 Reunion Committee