June Newsletter

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Zoom “Virtual" Reunion Update

In the May Newsletter, the Steering Committee mentioned the idea of a Zoom "Virtual" Reunion on Sept., 19th 2020.  Based on very limited positive feedback, plus some first hand experience on this type of activity, the Committee concensus was not to pursue this event. The Committee will continue to explore ideas for keeping classmates connected.

Lynnfield Trivia

Test your memory, test your knowledge or just flat out guess on some fun facts and trivia dating back to 1970.  Beginning this week when you enter the website, you will notice a new tab titled "Play Lynnfield Trivia".  It's a simple multple choice Trivia game you can answer through the website.  The correct and incorrect answer summary will be posted the following month.  

Interesting Classmate Hobbies and Activities

In the May Newsletter we floated the idea of sharing fun and interesting activites of our fellow classmates.  As many of you have learned, Jim Zynsky is not only our "unofficial" website greeter, but he also harbors a great passion for sailing.  In Jim's own words he shares how he got into sailing, earned his skippers certificate, visited special places and provides some great photographs.  He has also provided some great information for those who might want to learn more about sailing.  

"You Too Can Sail" - by Jim Zynsky

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After turning 40, I was eager to progress with my sailing to more than just an hour or two on a sunfish/hobie cat. I searched for a sailing course that could end with getting a sailing skippers certificate.  In 1995, my search turned up “Coastal Sailing School”, owner/instructor/sailor Burt Williams in Marblehead, MA.

I started Burt’s skipper certification course in the Winter. Burt’s evening classes thru the Winter were at his house in Marblehead. Navigation was the main emphasis. Old school, NO GPS, dead reckoning using slide rules and charts.  The charts used were Gloucester to Nahant.  Written tests given at the end of each week. Eight students started the navigation course and 5 finished. In late Spring, those 5 students met Burt at the public dock at Marblehead Harbor, 8:00am sharp. Dingy leaves at 8:05am, no returns.

We boarded Burt’s 30’ Pearson sailboat for the hands-on ocean sailing portion of the course. It was the first of many weekly outings. We sailed different directions out of Marblehead Harbor each week.  Each student got to be captain and get the crew to adjust and trim the main and jib as needed for the course desired. Completing the course in good standing, certificate in hand – now the adventures begin.

Day sails: sailing with friends in Massachusetts Bay, Atlantic Ocean, Nantucket Sound, Buzzards Bay, Narragansett Bay.

Cruising sails: each time for a week or more, bare boat chartering in the Caribbean:   Islands of the BVI, Islands of the USVI, the Spanish Virgins and Windward Islands (Anguilla, St. Maartin, St. Barts).

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It is always an adventure (each sunrise, each tide, each wind change, each island, each anchorage, each sunset). 

A few sailing schools:

Black Rock Sailing School    Fan Pier Marina  S.Boston  617.639.3061

Coastal Carolina Sailing School  Hilton Head, SC  843.505.8767

Sailboat schools/rentals/charters:  Moorings.com : Sunsail.com

Navigation / charts:

www.landfallnavigation.com      navigation, up to date nautical charts

www.navionics.com       nautical charts and more

www.weems-plath.com   navigation tools, safety equipment







Above: Just a sample of sources, many more if you search

  • For week sailing:  4 to 6 people: a good size boat  43’-50’
  • Day sailing or more: a large dry bag always handy to have
  • Day sailing or more: a roll of sail repair tape (handy for a lot)
  • Day sailing or more:  ALWAYS have a waterproof chart of where you are going. DO NOT just rely on GPS to always work.

**Many of you know – USS Constitution / Old Ironsides – have seen it and/or been on it. It is a three-masted frigate in the US Navy.  

Did you know: the Captain of Old Ironsides once took the ship into Marblehead Harbor to hide from the British fleet. It is hard to imagine taking that size ship under sail into Marblehead Harbor, turn it around, drop the sails, and drop the anchor without running it a ground.  

The Steering Committee would like to thank Jim for taking the time to provide this fun and informative perspective on sailing.  We hope it might encourage other classmates to do the same and share their hobbies and activities.  Anyone wishing to do this should send their information to any of the following Committee members;

Andrea Bosco Bingham   (electraab@aol.com)

Janet Silva Grady    (janetgrady52@gmail.com)

Mark Sisson    (Mark.Sisson@comcast.net)

We hope you have enjoyed this newsletter and don't forget to Play Lynnfield Triva.

The Steering Committee