November Newsletter

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We wish you all a safe and fun Holiday Season.  There will be no Newsletter in December, but will return in late January.

In this Newsletter, you will find a recognition of classmate Military service, a very interesting classmate article, a classmate Trivia game, an update on Website registrations and a request for Holiday photos with captions.

Military Service Recognition

The Class of 1970 dedicated our yearbook to "our men in Vietnam". During this Holiday Season, we should recognize and appreciate the sacrifices and commitment of our Military personnel, many of whom, will be spending the Holidays away from their families.  To that end, we would like to thank the following LHS classmates* for their service;

David Cook**, Charles (Skip) Kilgore, Philip (PJ) McFarland, James McLauglin, John McMahon, Alan Melanson**, Laura Nihan, Patti Nugent Hulse, Debra Palka Gray, Lee Pilkanis Matousek, Graham Rae, Stephen Round, and John Wrobel

*  There may be additional classmates who served, however, the above have been confirmed via Website registration
**  Deceased

A Career Well Travelled - Hope DiPietro Yonge

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Like many of our classmates, I have had a diverse and evolving career path after graduating from LHS. 

I attended Bryant & Stratton Jr College in Boston on a co-operative study program with Filene’s with the goal of becoming a buyer.  In my second year, I discovered I didn't have the interest or patience to move through the various positions required to achieve the one I wanted.  Fortunately, in December 1971, I interviewed with Northeast Airlines and was hired as a Stewardess and began training on January 2, 1972. Upon graduation on January 31, I was sent to the Miami base and began my flying career.  Six months later, Northeast Airlines merged with Delta and I resided in Miami until returning to Boston in October 1973 and remained based at Logan until 1985. 

That year, I married, moved to Monmouth County NJ and transferred into Delta's New York base. In 1989, I experienced TCBY Yogurt which had just opened at Delta's Atlanta Terminal. I was so impressed with their frozen yogurt, I inquired on a franchise and opened a store in Deal, NJ in August 1989.  At that time, Delta allowed us to work two weeks out of every month, which helped me to get a handle on the business. I eventually opened two more TCBY stores in NJ and sold all three prior to moving to Fort Lauderdale in 1993. 

Delta acquired Pan Am in 1991 and I began flying internationally, mostly throughout Europe.  In 2003, I volunteered to fly US troops on Delta aircraft in and out of Kuwait and continued these missions until offered a retirement package and left Delta in April 2005. It was without a doubt the most rewarding experience of my career as a Flight Attendant. 

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A few years prior to my Delta retirement, my “Wanderlust” was in full gear and I became affiliated with a member agency of Virtuoso Travel as an Independent, Luxury and Adventure Travel Advisor. 

I now work with many tour companies, hoteliers, cruise lines, and on sites worldwide in planning itineraries for my customers. Fortunately, and quite often I am invited by these companies on educational trips to experience their products, and in doing so, each journey comes to life in the eyes of my clients. I am grateful to share my exposure to the world along with my passion of travel, knowledge of logistics, and my background in customer service industry. 

We live in the greatest country in the world and I have been to many states. I have visited at least 42 countries on six continents. Antarctica is next to come. A few of my unforgettable journeys and some photos are below;

Caribbean and Mexico 


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Italy -. Amalfi Coast, Tuscany, Lake Como, Lago Maggorie, Streza, Assisi, Rome, Florence, Siena, Milan. 

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France and all over Europe in general. 


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Sydney Australia and the Great Barrier Reef. 


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Coast of Brazil on a ship ending in Rio de Janeiro. 

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Budapest to Nuremberg on a River Cruise. 

South African Safari, Cape Town, Franschhoek Wine Valley. 

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Heli hiking in the Selkirk Mountains of British Columbia where I also for opted to climb a glacier. I returned in the winter to heli ski as well. Both experiences were incredibly exciting, the beauty and feeling of exhilaration will remain with me forever. It was not difficult as the guides make it a walk in the park. 

Panama and Costa Rica. 

Peru – Lima, Sacred Valley, Machu Pichu and Cuzco and The Amazon. 

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Israel and Jordan – Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Amman, Bethlehem, Petra, Wadi Rum. 

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Thailand – Bangkok and Phuket. 

Sri Lanka, Maldives and Dubai

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Last year, Linda Tibaudo DiBenedetto traveled with me to Argentina and Brazil – Buenos Aries, Patagonia, Iguazu Falls, it was memorable to say the least. 

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As we all know, 2020 has been a challenging year for everyone. This too shall pass and hopefully we can travel again soon. If you have an interest to travel, please don’t hesitate to contact me as I would love to assist you with any travel dreams you may have. 

Merry Everything and Warmest Regards! 


Hope DiPietro Yonge
cell: 954-873-8776
Luxury and Adventure Travel Specialist
Yacht Charter Agent


Classmate Trivia

As our Website registrations grow, so does the variety of professions, experiences and interests listed in our Profiles. This months Trivia questions and possible answers can be found on the Website under LHS Classmate Profile Trivia.  With the exception of question #1, the questions and answers come from our Classmate Profiles.  Give it a try.  

Congratulations to Sue Perkins Mara, Janet Silva Grady and Debra Tullgren Taylor as they had all the correct answers for October's LHS & 1970 Trivia game.  Correct answers are posted on the Website under LHS & 1970 Trivia Results.

Website Registrations

Our Website has been up and running since December 2019.  We have over 11,400 cumulative visits to the site and 119 classmates registered (56% of our Class).  It is exciting to see classmates connecting and reconnecting with one another via our Website.  If you, or you know of another 1970 classmate who is not yet registered, we would encourage you and them to do so,  

Holiday Photos Reminder

The October Newsletter announced we are seeking Holiday photos (Thanksgiving - New Years) from our classmates.  We did this for the summer months and we received some great photos and comments which were posted on the Website.

As we proceed through the Holidays, please submit your photos and captions.  The last date for submission is January, 15, 2021.  Send photos along with a brief description (who, what, where, when) to:  Mark Sisson (

Have a safe, healthy and wonderful Holiday season.  See you in 2021!

The LHS 50+1 Reunion Steering Committee