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May 2020 “What's Happening” Newsletter    

On May 7th, we announced our 50th Reunion would be postponed due to continued uncertainty and the need to be socially responsible during these challenging times.  Classmate feedback supported that decision.  We outlined the plan to keep our Reunion momentum alive.  In that spirit, this will be the first of  “Whats Happening” Monthly Newsletters.  Our goal is to be both informative and entertaining.

50+1 Reunion Scheduled

If you have been following the LHS Website, you will know our Friday Night Reunion Event has been rescheduled to September 17, 2021 and the Saturday Night Event to September 18, 2021.  The details are provided on the “New” Save the Dates website page.  As of today, event plans and venues remain the same, just one year later!  For classmates who have not yet registered on the website, we encourage you to do so. 

Exploring a Zoom “Virtual" Reunion Event for September 18 or 19, 2020

We are aware of other reunions, who like us, postponed their reunion due to Covid-19.  One class used Zoom to create a virtual reunion on their original reunion date.  Out of 300+ classmates, they had 65 participating on Zoom.  Assuming there is interest, we may pursue a similar event.  Tell us what you think by replying to the email address at the bottom of this communication.

Remembering our Classmates

Reunions are a special time to reconnect with classmates, yet, also an appropriate time to recognize and remember those who are no longer with us.  We are aware of 24 classmates who have passed.  No doubt, each of those classmates had a tremendous influence on family, friends and profession.  In recognition of those classmates, we have created a In Memory of Classmates website page which provides their name, graduation photo and a link to available obituary information.  One of these classmates was our Class President Gary Millen, who had a tremendous impact on LHS, and maybe more so later in life as a highly successful teacher and coach in New Hampshire.  Gary would have been an active participant in our reunion plans so we wanted to share some interesting information about him.  Please take a look at the Gary Millen Tribute website page(s).  Not only will you find Gary's LHS contributions, but also his post LHS accomplishments and finally some special memories from Coach Bill Rodan and classmates.

Classmate Profile Nominations

As classmates register on the website, many have provided fun and interesting profile information.  We thought it might be interesting to develop a process to capture and create a more in-depth profile of some of our classmates which can be shared on the website.  In case you didn’t know, we have a former Governor and a Film and TV Producer among us.  If you would like to nominate someone to be profiled, please provide a quick explanation and we will follow up from there.  Send your thoughts through the website by replying to the email at the bottom of this communication.

Do You Remember When?

Finding it difficult to remember what you had for dinner last night or where you placed your keys, yet, stuff that happened 50-60 years ago is clear as day.  Sound familiar?  We thought it might be fun to bring some of those moments back to share.  Our first "Remember When" is about a place once referred to as the “Disneyland of the Northeast”.  That’s right, on the border of Lynnfield and Wakefield, Pleasure Island theme park existed from 1959-1969.  To jog those rusty memories among us, we hope you will enjoy a trip down memory lane with the video and photos below;

Stay connected, stay safe and stay tuned.

The LHS 50+1 Steering Committee