Bob Preble's Memories


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Buckets” was never the fastest, the 

toughest, nor the most articulate amongst us…

Gary outworked each and every one of us…

He hated to lose and always expected to win…

He was a Leader on and off the field.

As his teammate, he brought out my best,

We always knew that he would be giving 100% effort to every play of every game,

His absolute ALL.

I remember fumbling the football against Hamilton-Wenham, costing us a touchdown, and eventually,

we lost that game.

Buckets knew how miserable I was feeling,

I could feel his empathetic compassion as we were walking off the field together.

His words of encouragement and support still ring clearly within my heart…

“Prebs, I bet you will never forget this game,

I know that you will be great again, next week.

We are going to kick some ass next Saturday!!"

That was how we were taught….


Coach Huntress our Freshman Year, 1967

and by

Coach Rodan, Coach Jameson, & Coach Huntress our Senior Year, 1970


Buckets walked his talk….

How fortunate are those of us, who got to play sports with him.

Those of us, who remember him as our good friend.

How fortunate are the hundreds of students and athletes

from North Conway, New Hampshire.

Buckets brought the best of what Coach Rodan and Coach Huntress and Coach Jameson

taught us at Lynnfield High School

And added his own personal magic to become one of New England’s greatest coaches, ever.

Gary Millen, you will be dearly missed at our 50th Reunion,

but never forgotten.