Reunion Attendance Survey

We are seeking your input ...

The LHS 50+1 Reunion Committee will open registration for our planned September gathering in mid-June.  We are reaching out now to get an idea of what to expect for a response.  We are not asking for a commitment at this time, but rather, the information you provide will help us fine tune our planning.

The 5 question survey (Reunion Attendance Survey) will be available on the website for you to complete beginning on Monday, April 19th.  

During our Committee's next monthly meeting on May 11th, we would like to have the survey information to review.  

Please take a few minutes to respond.

Thank you,

The LHS 50+1 Reunion Committee




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1)   Do you expect to attend the Class of 1970 Reunion events currently planned for September?

Select one
2)   If you answered "Maybe", please explain.

3)   If you come, do you plan on bringing a guest?

Yes No
4)   Are you interested in attending the LHS Tour on Friday, Sept 17th?

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5)   If you plan on attending the LHS Tour, would you be willing to pay a small fee to have a bus pick us up at the hotel, go to LHS and return?

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